Thick Skin Creations
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    Thick Skin Creations: What do we do?

    Here at Thick Skin Creations, we, quite simply, want to entertain you.  We promote comedy, books, music and other forms of entertainment of the finest caliber. least the caliber we like.  You'll like it too.  (Course, if you don't, we have a thick skin)

    • Voice Acting Performance & Production
    • Humorous Books
    • Video, Audio & Text Editing Consultations
    • Stand-Up Comedy/Spoken Word
    • Police Officer Impersonation


    Contact Tom Antonellis directly or visit the Thick Skin Creations website for information on his production company.


    Aaaaaaaaaaaay!  Are you a Divia!?


    Divia facebook linkWe also established and maintain the facebook page for Divia Mushes & Quister Jivals celebrating Nonantum, Massachusetts (The Lake) and the many indiginous terms used in that town known as "Lake Talk."  If you're a divia, check it out and leave us your stories.

    Spellings of "divia," (div-ya) "mush," (rhymes with push) "quister," (quis-cha) and "jival" (ji-val) are taken from and a 2001 Boston Globe article.

    Stay tuned to for the forthcoming "Portrait of a Divia" documentary and figure out if you truly are a DIVIA!

    ("Portrait of a Divia" or "Portrait of a Divya" c. Tom Antonellis Productions, all rights reserved.)