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Harry Shearer's replacement on 'The Simpsons': Tom Antonellis

In May of 2015, Harry Shearer announced he'd be leaving 'The Simpsons' cast before seasons 27 & 28.  This comic-great's characters include Reverend Lovejoy, Ned Flanders, Otto, Principal Skinner, Smithers, Mr. Burns, Lenny and Dr. Hibbert.  Listen to voiceover artist Tom Antonellis faithfully recreate Harry's characters with spot-on impressions in this little vignette.  

It would sure be a challenge for 'The Simpsons' show runner Al Jean and exec producer James L. Brooks to find ONE actor to replace all of Shearer's characters but Tom Antonellis seems pretty darn close.  Leave your comments below:  Did Antonellis nail the voices?
No copyright is claimed by either Thick Skin Creations, Tom Antonellis Productions or Tom Antonellis of Simpsons-related or Muppets-related material.  Simpsons theme composed by Danny Elfman.  
Tom Antonellis Productions jingle composed by and coypright Tom Antonellis, Sr., all rights reserved.



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