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Disney Voicematches from A to Z by Tom Antonellis - 46 Impressions 

Enjoy as voiceover artist Tom Antonellis pays homage to Disney voice artists from every Disney movie from 'Snow White' to 'Mulan'

Marvel at spot-on impressions of at least one character for every letter of the alphabet (P for Pumbaa, K for King Louie, C for Cruella de Vil, etc). 46 voices in all inside of 4 1/2 minutes!

Also featuring a voicematch/parody of David Ogden Stier's opening narration from "Beauty and the Beast" -- this video is dedicated to his memory.

Created by Tom Antonellis, Thick Skin Creations -- stay tuned for his latest album due this year:  "Tom Antonellis:  First Impressions." Also visit Amazon.com for more of Tom's work:  the comedy CDs, "Tom Antonellis:  Laugh at or With" (not safe for work) and "Abbott & Costello Meet Tom Antonellis...At Christmas" (clean as a whistle).

Special thanks:  Ryan McClure (Tuff Cut Sound), Nomi Abadi (opening piano performance), Judy Maggs (sound support).  

Thanks for watching and I welcome your comments and shares! 


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