New Mini-Movie Primed for Release

Stay tuned right here to for updates on the release of our new mini-movie 'Bus Safety Brought to You' featuring the irascible, oft-concerned Officer Horning.  It will be sold in a DVD/CD two-pack with a CD of his Audio Book 'Bus Safety.'  Don't miss out!


Thank you fans!

Thick Skin Creations on facebook has punched through the 100-fan mark!  Thank you so much! 

Pam Harbor, a fan and reader of 'A Bunch of Gripe Grapes' gives her testimonial on the book:  "This is so much fun.  It's a really great conversation starter too.  Like at a party -- great book to have on your coffee table in between rounds of Scrabble at a party.  I was reading it going, 'That's true!  I hate that too!'  Then I got to FAYE DUNAWAY and I said, 'Wait!  What's wrong with Faye Dunaway?  I like Faye Dunaway.  I mean, THE 80s?  Sure.  WHEN YOU FRESHLY SHARPEN A PENCIL AND IT BREAKS RIGHT AWAY?  Sure.  THE NHL?  Sure.  But Faye Dunaway?'  So, basically, I'm enjoying the book even when the Grape being Griped about is one that I would've let go.  Well done, Tom...I mean...Templeton."

Thanks Pam.  Great news is we've been getting a lot of similar feedback.  We're glad you're enjoying Templeton Techz's ire-filled tome!  Please recommend to friends and family -- and enemies.  Why not?


New Book: "Gripe Grapes"

"A Bunch Of Gripe Grapes" ($19)

- by Tom Antonellis

The book, "Gripe Grapes" is Here! Why suffer through another bowl of cherries, when you can have a good old bunch of grumbling, griping, grapes. Feed your inner curmudgeon.

Visit the Thick Skin Creations Store to get your copy today.



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