Harry Shearer's replacement on 'The Simpsons': Tom Antonellis

In May of 2015, Harry Shearer announced he'd be leaving 'The Simpsons' cast before seasons 27 & 28.  This comic-great's characters include Reverend Lovejoy, Ned Flanders, Otto, Principal Skinner, Smithers, Mr. Burns, Lenny and Dr. Hibbert.  Listen to voiceover artist Tom Antonellis faithfully recreate Harry's characters with spot-on impressions in this little vignette.  

It would sure be a challenge for 'The Simpsons' show runner Al Jean and exec producer James L. Brooks to find ONE actor to replace all of Shearer's characters but Tom Antonellis seems pretty darn close.  Leave your comments below:  Did Antonellis nail the voices?
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Everything can stand an editing pass

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Wee bi' of a Sco'ish brrrrrrrrrogue fer ya!

This be a wee bi' of a Sco'ish brrrrrogue fer ya from voiceover artist Tom Antonellis!

Special thanks to the producers of 'Dog House Calls' and especially to Greg Checketts for the permission to display Tom Antonellis's voice work as Dr. Wood the famous Scottish woodpecker doctor who "invented" the syringe. This is a beautiful little piece of good old fashioned hand-drawn animation -- of course, at times, you will see, the animation appears unrefined due to the fact that this is an animatic (kind of like a sketch or an animated work-in-progress). Also, there are, as yet, no sound effects.

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Officer Horning dreads Halloween

Stay safe with your copy Officer Horning's DVD/CD comboIn 1939 on Halloween, I was born.  Randall Everett Horning.

Sure, Mom and Dad dressed me up in costumes throughout the years (my favorite?  a police officer's uniform, of course).

Today, though, as a police officer charged with protecting the public's safety, I have to point out:  have you ever really looked at this holiday?!  Halloween:  Dress up your kids to the point that they're not recognizable as themselves, send them out into the neighborhood to everybody's house -- including people they might not (moreso probably don't) know, to be given uninspected treats that could contain virtually anything.


Now that's what ya call a Safety nightmare.

- OH

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April Fool(e)'s Day - Order your books full of laughs at Thick Skin Creations


We were given some feedback the other day on the humor contained in our books:  "A Bunch of Gripe Grapes (formerly titled 'Hate Speech & Other Things I Hate')" by Templeton Techz as told to Tom Antonellis and "'Precipice Writings' and Other Relanyms" by Jim Dandy as told to Tom Antonellis.  Our customer informed us that books (who were not given a place of great prestige in their home -- they're being kept on the top of the toilet tank) were really cracking up their family and guests.

High praise.  High praise indeed.  Great bathroom reading.  We're so proud.

With April Fool's Day coming up, we're sure you're cooking up some laughs.  Why not give the Foole in your life a copy of either book.  Or both!!  Both for the people who really need a laugh.

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