Tom Antonellis voices animated app Tooth Heroes

Enjoy voice actor Tom Antonellis as he voices ALL the animated characters in this vignette from the dental hygiene app "Tooth Heroes."  

Peter Lorre inspired "Jack the Plaque".  Many thanks to New Realm Technology, producers of the Tooth Heroes app and Exceptional Minds for their great animation.

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Tom Antonellis busts out his Jitterbug in this online spot for Arthur Murray Dance Studios.  Made in conjunction with Gem Star Films.


Father and Son Cover of "Centerfield"

Tom Antonellis & Tom Antonellis, Sr. bring you the latest cover of "Centerfield" by John Fogerty. A father and son version. Enjoy this track while it is still under construction (this is not the final mix) and is from the forthcoming album "Under Evergreens" from Thick Skin Creations.

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"Centerfield" by John Fogerty

Song produced by Tom Antonellis

Vocals:  Tom Antonellis & Tom Antonellis, Sr.

Guitars:  Tom Antonellis, Sr.

Drums, Keyboards:  Brad St. James of JussTuss

Bass:  Jeff Peters

Recorded & Engineered by Ryan McClure of Tuff Cut Sound (Los Angeles, CA) & James Zaner of Bluejay Studios (formerly of Carlisle, MA)

Album label:  Thick Skin Creations

Also by Tom Antonellis:  "Abbott & Costello Meet Tom Antonellis...At Christmas" available on Amazon.


Voice Casting and Execution - VO TriCalm spot

We cast both the part of the professor and the mom (by referral) in this piece of voiceover work for TriCalm itch cream.  The Professor is long-winded and overwrought in his speech -- Hmmmmm, sound like anyone we know?!  ;)

Many thanks to Tom Antonellis, Sr. (Tommy) for connecting us with Blue Star Media out of Massachusetts and to co-star Tara Emerson (an actress who has worked with us on many Thick Skin Creations projects including the forthcoming comedy albums under the "Tom Antonellis:  Laugh at or With" banner).

TriCalm "Mom vs Scientist" 30 from Rob Stegman on Vimeo.



Voice Actor Tom Antonellis reads poetry in 13 accents and dialects 

Enjoy as Voice Actor Tom Antonellis recites a funny English-language poem in 13 accents and dialects including British, French, Southern, Bostonian and many more.  
The poem "The Chaos" by Gerard Nolst Trenite was written in 1922 and was designed to demonstrate the irregularity of English spelling and pronunciation.  
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This video is dedicated to Nell Archer, my forever love.