'Relanyms' is here!! A book of great word-play; makes a great gift!

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If only C.S. Lewis had owned a copy of "Relanyms" -- The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe might have instead been called The Panther, the Sorcerer and the Bureau or the slightly more preposterous The Tiger, the Wizard and the Chifferobe!

Had he lived to see the year 2010, Relanyms might have inspired Charles Dickens himself to pen A Yarn of Three Burroughs or even A Fable of Four Neighborhoods instead of that boring old A Tale of Two Cities.

So, put down that Cherub's Sustenance Tort (Angel's Food Cake) and pick up your copy of 'Precipice Writings' & Other Relanyms! Unless you have some sort of Hatchet to Pulverize

Special Edition Hardcover (pictured) $39.00 USD; paperback $19.00 USD


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Pay No Shipping on Bus Safety this Month

In honor of our good friend Officer Horning's birthday this month, we are offering free shipping on 'Bus Safety Brought to You' the mini-movie featuring the good officer.

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Tick...tock...tick...tock! The wait is over!

Finally you have it!  The long-awaited first mini-movie featuring Sergeant Major Officer Corporal Admiral Randall Everett Horning of the Natick Police Department.

Enjoy the good Officer’s classic safety lecture as you witness the legendary and earth-shattering recording session conducted by his lifelong friend Tommy “Slib” Antonellis.

This 2-disc set features: on DVD, the mini-movie described above:  ‘Bus Safety Brought to You' as well as ‘Bus Safety Origins’ – the filmmaker’s onstage genesis for the character. On Disc 2, the CD, is ‘Bus Safety – the Audio Book,’ written, read and performed by your favorite safety officer alongside his mentor Officer Frantz. 

In less than 15 minutes the two obsessed Officers will lay on you more detrimental Bus Safety behaviors than there are days in the year. Don't delay!  Get your copy right here, and the good officer thanks you.



New Mini-Movie Primed for Release

Stay tuned right here to for updates on the release of our new mini-movie 'Bus Safety Brought to You' featuring the irascible, oft-concerned Officer Horning.  It will be sold in a DVD/CD two-pack with a CD of his Audio Book 'Bus Safety.'  Don't miss out!